Apethorpe Hall, Oundle

Main Contractor: E. Bowman & Sons

Programme: 150 weeks

Apethorpe Hall, near Oundle, is a 600-year-old country house that was once owned by Henry VIII. The last time the property was occupied as a residence was in the early 1990's; since then the property has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair.  Having been allowed to stand empty and deteriorate, property speculators were hoping to improve their chances of making it a commercial development. 

English Heritage obtained the property under a compulsory purchase order in 2004, and millions of pounds were needed to restore the building to its former glory.  Scaffold Services Ltd were contracted to erect a temporary roofing system covering some 1,300 sq.m. over the east and south ranges, providing protection and access so it could be restored.  The state apartments are habitable once again. 

Using a temporary roofing system, developed by Haki, we covered an area of 1,300 sq.m. supported by approximately 230 tonnes of scaffolding, in turn held down by 250 tonnes of concrete blocks.