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Thames Tower, Leicester

Main Contractor: J H Hallam

Programme: 80 weeks

Scaffold Services Ltd were awarded the contract to erect a 60 metre high independent access scaffold around the main tower of one of Leicester’s most prominent buildings. There was also a 12 metre high lower level access scaffold.

Equipment was raised via a goods/passenger hoist situated on the rear elevation. This was then accompanied by a second hoist to accommodate the high volume of workforce and material required to be raised or lowered. 

It was determined that the lower level roofs were unable to safely take the weight of the scaffold, so an additional support system was designed and installed from the third floor level through to the basement. 

The year-and-a-half project involved demolition of the existing facades, re-cladding and installing balconies, providing Leicester with another mixed use residential and office complex, close to the city centre and railway station.

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